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  1. Indispensable parts

    Ongoing algae control

    The copper anode or UV-C lamp that eliminates algae lasts for about one pond season.

    You should replace it in spring for a lasting result.

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  2. Oxygen is indispensable

    Oxygen is indispensable for healthy ponds

    Indispensable parts
    To provide perfect pond aeration, you can choose from a range of taps, splitters, non-return valves, air stones and air hoses, available in three diameters.

    • Splitters to provide aeration at several locations in the pond.
    • Air stones for the optimal spread of air bubbles through the water.
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  3. Pond protection

    Types of pond protection

    You can protect your precious fish from herons in various ways

    • A simple and effective method is to install an electric fence wire around the edge of the pond. Once they have been frightened away, herons and cats will never return to your pond.
    • More advanced systems have a motion sensor that detects both herons and cats. A powerful water jet, a bright flash or noises then frighten off the intruder.
    • A decoy heron can also deter herons. Pond netting is another alternative. It stops herons getting to the fish and they will lose interest in your pond. Netting is available in different sizes to fit all ponds.
    • Reflecting daylight is also an effective way to keep herons at bay. The constantly reflecting light caused by a reflective spinner or silver ball frightens them off. A reflective anti-heron device of this kind also serves as a decorative element in your garden. Place a few floating spheres in the pond to boost the effect.
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