Everything that has to do with ponds is our greatest passion. You might say that pond water is in the blood of all our staff.

Pondproducts.shop is a webshop that sells parts for pond products. Examples are repair kits for an air pump, a rotor, an anode and even transformers.

We mainly sell parts for the Velda and Vijvertechniek products but many parts are universal and so they will fit in every brand of pond product you have.

Pondproducts.shop also wants to provide maximum enjoyment for all pond owners. With high-quality pond products that are easy to use. Replace parts in good time so that the pond stays nice and clear, and to keep your pond products in good condition.

Of course, we will always be ready to help you to find the right part for your pond product. Don't hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions.

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